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The best of 2019 | wcbpodcast

It has been an amazing year for the show and being able to talk to some of the guest that we had was an absolute pleasure. We thank each of them from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to come on and speak with us. Also thank you to each and everyone of you out there you have supported us this year. None of this happens without you so thank you so much.

So sit back and enjoy this best of episode and we look forward to much more in 2020!

Dave Bolland: 4:07, Earl Skakel: 14:55, Cody Karpinski: 20:49, Bryan Bickell: 28:29 Brandon Bollig: 41:24, Brent Sopel: 50:31, Dylan Playfair: 57:29, and Tyler Johnston: 1:03:50

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