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NHL season expected to be suspended

What seemed like a no brainer is about to become a reality. The NHL will follow the NBA and suspend the season. According to Brett Cyrgalis, Teams are being told to work with their arenas for dates in to the July.

Now this might seem like an over kill to most this honestly is the best move. Majority of the league share arenas with NBA teams who now have two known cases of Coronavirus and in the end, this is going to fall under things are bigger than sports. As we talked about in the latest episode of WCBPodcast, try and stop this now before it gets worse. If that means waiting a month to finish the season, then so be it. The health of the players, coaches, officials, and anyone else who is involved with everyday operations of an NHL team is way more important than playing these games.

Hopefully this is going to be a temporary situation and we will still get playoff hockey but considering this is new territory it’s going to be very interested to see how this is going to affect the draft, free agency and hell even next season. For right now we just wait and see.

The official statement is expected around 1pm Chicago time and no matter what the league decided there is going to be a lot to talk about. WCBPodcast will get updates out as soon as we can.

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