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The Airing of Festivus Blackhawks Grievances

Happy Festivus one and all! We have the aluminum pole all set up and its time for the airing of grievances and Chicago Blackhawks I have some problems with you and now you are going to hear about it.

Lets start with the one you all know I am going to go off on…

Stan Bowman

Where to even start? Terrible cap management, giving out NMC and NTC like they are candy on Halloween, and taking what could have been an amazing future head coach and throwing him in a no win situation. Lets also not forget trading what should have been a no brainer top four defenseman and moving him for a forward who should be lucky to sit on the bench and open the doors for the guys getting off the ice.

My hatred for Stan is no secret but I think that if this club is going to enter a rebuild we all have to agree that there must be a new GM to make the moves to get this team back to its winning ways.

Duncan Keith

I love all that you did for this club this past decade. In your prime you were no doubt an elite defender. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you are no longer the defenseman you were back in 2015. You have lost that step, you are miss reading so many plays especially in your own end that you are almost a liability out there, and lastly for the love of god please stop shooting into damn shin guards. You don’t have to wind up for the clap bomb every single time you touch the puck. A quick wrister on net or in the corner in your case will work just find.

Dylan Sikura

Dude I know you don’t play much but is it too much to ask for you to just get that 5.5 goals this year? 6 shots lets go make it happen you son of a bitch.

Rocky Wirtz

You are the savior of this franchise and like a phoenix you help them rise from the ashes of what your father ruined. With that being said you need to put the boss pants on head on down to Stan’s office and give him his papers. You said and I quote “I think the team will be fine, but if things are off at the beginning of the year, that’s a different story.” Well things have been off for two years and this team needs fresh eyes to take them back to glory so rip that band aid off and prevent us from completely diving back to the dark ages.

This could be an endless blog but I will leave it at that. I would love to hear what grievances you have for this team today on the holy Festivus. Now on to the feats of strength!


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