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Hey there fellow Benders! Anytime we find something cool about hockey whether it be a website, a movie, or product. We want to make sure we pass it along to all of you so you can check it out and today I have a new website, GearGeek (Sponsored by ) is your one stop hockey database that breaks down what gear the players of the NHL are using today. They break down each type of equipment in to usage by brands (which then gets broken down to models from each brand) and what makes this even cooler is when you pick a model they even list which pros are using that today.

A quick example lets look at Easton and their stick usage:

Only 6.7%  of all NHLers currently use Easton Hockey Sticks

Of those 6.7% the Stealth CX is takes about 5.1% of the usage.

And when you click on the Stealth CX you can see who uses that stick and look who it is The Thrill himself Phil Kessel uses this bad boy.

All of that is just only the beginning of what you can learn on this site, they also give you a player search so you can find what each player uses and they even give you their current stats.

So if you are a Gear Geek like I am this is definitely a site that is worth checking out. While you are checking out the site, make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter. There they post some cool gear facts.

Have a website, product, or show that you think we should check out?

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