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Jarom and Tanner Bring you all things hockey with just a little bit of hawks bias. They have sat down with Hall of Famers, Stanley Cup Champions, Olympic Gold Medalist, TV Stars, and so many more great guest to bring the best possible content. You can find THem Talking shop On all major Podcast apps/sites and youtube. 


The kid peaked during his time playing

High School Hockey for the Sandburg

Eagles. Skipped right past Cawlidge 

Hawkey to be a Beer League Hero.

Only question left to be answered on him which is he worse at, breakaways or pronouncing names?  


Self Proclaimed hometown hero, hails from Oak Park, IL, Donned the jersey for both EIU and Bobby Mo, totaling probably only two college wins. Now he is a professional drinker and part time stat guy for WCBP.